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Bookholt Associates helped with the digital X-Ray for the keel on the Charles W. Morgan whaleboat
The team learned a lot about x-raying outside in the open air and having to utilize materials at hand to get the job done.
Normally you would use a Smart style system for this type of application since the product is much more flexible but the main problem you have is it only has one focal spot size so if you require better resolution you will need to increase your SID which then requires you to up the kV & mA requiring you to increase your safety area so it ends up being a give and take battle. The MXR160 we used allowed us high resolution images using a short SID and lower power and since the tube head is small it made it easy to maneuver (after we learn how to do it) between all of the obstructions.

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About the Charles W. Morgan Whaleboat
 had more than 1,000 whalemen of all races and nationalities in her lifetime. Her crew included not only Americans, but sailors from Cape VerdeNew Zealand, the SeychellesGuadeloupe, and Norfolk Island. The ship's crew averaged around 33 men per voyage. As with other whaleships in the 1800s, Morgan often was home to the captain's family. The Morgan was owned and managed by the J. & W. R. Wing Company of New Bedford.

In her 80 years of service, she made 37 voyages ranging in length from nine months to five years. Charles W. Morgan, in total, brought home 54,483 barrels of sperm whale oil and 152,934 pounds of whalebone. She sailed in the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans, surviving ice and snow storms. Her crew survived a cannibal attack in the South Pacific. Between 1888 and 1904 she was based in San Francisco.

During its years of service, Charles W. Morgan was used in several movies, including Miss Petticoats (1916), Java Head (1921) and Down to the Sea in Ships (1922).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org


Bookholt X-Ray owner Doug Bookholt working on the Morgan.

The contractors that worked with Bookholt X-Rayon this project include All Pro Imaging out of Melville Long Island and their new high resolution digital scanner Discover (battery operated)  and Comet Technologies out of Stamford Ct. Comet was represented by Paul Lukaniec and Brendan Lukaniec and All Pro was represented by Bill Movalson.

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