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Optimized for high-contrast, medium resolution applications. Some applications suited for this model include code quality weld inspections, CUI, castings and composites.

Top of the line image quality. 
ScanX Discover was built exclusively for the demanding conditions encountered in industrial radiography and field service. ScanX Discover produces excellent quality digital images that are reliably consistent and available in seconds – allowing you to make critical decisions on spot.

Engineering innovations. 
Sturdy, rubberized isolating/damping feet eliminate potential image quality issues, due to extreme vibration. Optional indexing feed guides support multiple long strip imaging plates. Lightweight, cushioned extruded aluminum frame helps to resist dents. And, a built-in rechargeable battery option and DC power adapter enable operation in virtually any setting.

ScanX Discover HRused xray equipment

Displays the highest resolution available. Used with the appropriate photostimulable storage plate, this system will produce images at a resolution of 20lp/mm. Applications for this model include semiconductor package inspections, fine wire devices and sensors, fine cracks in metallic assembles or composites.

Great value without compromise.
The hassles and recurring costs of film processing Including; chemicals, chemical storage, transportation and disposal, are ALL ELIMINATED. There is no more need to chemically process film, this means a healthier environment and exceptional savings with ScanX Discover.

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The CRxFlex computed radiography scanner
from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies combines flexibility, reliability, dynamic range and ease-of-use. Designed specifically for applications in non-destructive testing, the CRxFlex is suitable for usage with both isotopes and X-ray sources. It is well suited for a broad range of
applications in the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and automotive industries. Read more about GE CRxFlex

Carestream /Kodak Industrex HPX-1 Digital System For Non-Destructive Testing. Learn more (pdf)

Digacon L-3 and Digital Conversion Consulting have teamed together to offer a CR product line engineered for the NDT user at a GREAT price!
3 configurations of hardware have been created to meet the unique needs of high throughput production code, field or QC check work! Learn More(pdf).

Incorporating the latest in digital technology, the VMI 5100MS delivers full 16 bit performance at a 50 micron resolution. The VMI 5100MS can scan round, square or rectangle imaging plates; literally any size up to a 14 x 17 inch format. The flat, single path makes the use of either a hard cassette or soft, flexible cassette, a reality in a single CR system that can handle any size imaging plate. This is the system that finally delivers a complete replacement for film applications; delivering film like quality at all energies. The VMI 5100MS meets the most stringent image quality requirements of industry. Learn More(pdf).

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