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Software and Testing

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100% Portable: Thinnest Digital Imager in the World
Fully Battery Operated, Built-in Wireless
Best Image Quality Available 
Immediate Images at the Click of a Button
Suitable for High-Energy Applications.

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Best Image Quality in the Market
Fastest Time to Image, On-the-spot Detection
100% Portable, Lightweight, Large DDA Imager
All in One Carrying Case 
Fully Battery Operated

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Videsco X bit Pro software

Digital radiology imaging is greatly enhanced using the Xbit Pro proprietary software by Vidisco. This professional software package offers the NDT operator sophisticated enhancement tools and user-friendly data storage. These tools enable image grabbing, top-quality digital radiology imaging analysis, documentation, data sharing and accurate results. NDT testing procedures can be easily repeated. High-quality digital radiology imaging is immediately available with advanced analysis tools to enable precise detection on the spot! Multi-language GUI is available.

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