Cabinet #2

The cabinet is constructed with 1⁄4” lead and 11 GA CRS bonded together to make a shielded enclosure that will maintain shielding specifications.


The cabinet is provided with a tube head clamp for a 160 Comet x-ray tube head. The cabinet will be shielded and tested for 160 kV @ 10 mA. The cabinet is provided with 2 cable ports, an access door with door latch and CRDH switches, a hinged maintenance port. The cabinet is supplied with 4 leveling legs capable of supporting the load. The cabinet will be painted with silver gray two-part epoxy paint. The cabinet will be palletized for shipment. The complete cabinet is estimated to weigh approximately 1,000 pounds.

Cabinet can be painted to your liking.

Dimensions:  Exterior 30.5” Wide x 32” Deep x 77” High

In height, the cabinet has 4” legs (leveling type) and 73” of enclosure totaling 77”.

Dimensions:  Interior 29” Wide x 30” Deep x 70” High

S/H to be determined.

Delivery:  Approximately 8 weeks ARO

Terms:  50% deposit along with a purchase order; remainder due upon receipt of product (acceptance).


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