Industrial X-ray Enclosures, Rooms and Vaults

  • Custom design up to 6 MEV and more.

We engineer via a free site visit and consultation.  We access your  specific site and application requirements with tube capacity, part access, inspection requirements.  We design lead/steel, lead/wood or concrete shielding for the appropriate kV/MEV.

We consult with your in-house facility engineers, radiographers and radiation safety officer to ensure proper design and smooth installation.  We provide blue prints to verify complete scope of work.

Please contact us for a no-charge consultation visit at your facility.

Doug Bookholt

Michele Morgan

  • Hinged door, bi-parting or sliding door access
  • Overhead tube manipulator
  • Modulator room design
  • Meets all federal and state radiation safety requirements

Industrial X-ray Enclosures Industrial X-ray Enclosures available

This is a hinged door for an Industrial X-ray Enclosure

example-of-xray-room-layout (PDF)